Alchemilla Restaurant Opening on Derby Road

With the opening of Alchemilla, on the 1st August, we took chef/owner, Alex Bond, to one side to find out a little more about him and his new venture…

NRBA.. What made you want to open your own restaurant?  Why Nottingham and why now?

Alex.. My wife and I settled in Nottingham when she attended Nottingham Trent University.  I began working at Restaurant Sat Bains and stayed there for three and half years.  We’re happy here in Nottingham.  The reason for opening my own place now is that the time is right for me.  I want to be able to deliver my own style.  When you work eighteen hours a day, you want to make it count.


NRBA.. Why did you choose Derby Road?

Alex.. The property company approached me.  The Victorian coach house hasn’t been used in over a hundred years so it was – and is – definitely a challenge to bring it into the present day with all the utilities required to make the whole space accessible for both us and the diners, but the architecture is simply stunning.  It’s a big site.. we’ve excavated in total about 2000 square feet.  The brickwork, arched ceilings and historic architecture make this restaurant unique.  We have room for 50 covers, 40 in the main area and a further 10 at the chef’s table.


NRBA.. Any outdoor space?

Alex.. Yes, as part of the second phase of the build, we are going to open a terrace directly above the restaurant which will be connected to the main dining area inside via an integral staircase.  We don’t have a timescale for this yet but I expect it to be within a year of opening.


NRBA.. What can we expect on the menu?

Alex.. Quality.  I believe in fantastic vegetables and think we don’t make enough of them.  And as much as I champion seasonality, I also think that being creative with ingredients is important. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy summer fruits, herbs, etc., if they’re preserved correctly, any time of the year.  I’m very hands-on and more than prepared to go gather elderflower, camomile and so anything else when they’re ripe for picking and store them.  At the end of the day, it’s about delivering flavour.

I’m using local suppliers when the quality is there and I’m using approximately 90% British suppliers all of the time.


NRBA.. You have a great c.v., what did you learn from all those Michelin starred restaurants that you worked in.

Alex.. Each one taught me something different but collectively taught me to challenge myself.  Working with Sat taught me to be the best I can be and never settle.  I learnt discipline, a sense of routine and the benefits that can bring from Michelin starred chef, Jeff Baker, and working with Antony in Birmingham taught me to think outside the box.


NRBA.. And is your ultimate goal to gain a Michelin star?

Alex..  It’s to be the best I can be.  And yes, yes it is.



192 Derby Road, Nottingham  Tel. 07917 217041 – bookings are being taken for 1st August onwards;


Opening & Serving:  3 Tasting Menus

Weekdays:  5 courses for £35pp (or an additional £25pp with wine pairing)

7 courses for £45pp (or an additional £35pp with wine pairing)

10 courses for £60pp (or an additional £45pp with wine pairing)

Friday & Saturday – serving 7 and 10 courses

Lunch – Small plates from the £4


Also serving cocktails


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