Continuing NRBA’s look behind the scenes at what our sponsors do, this week we take another look at licensing solicitors, Poppleston Allen, with one of their Associate Solicitors, Hannah Price… Here’s what Hannah had to say…

Hannah Price, Associate solicitor


What made you become a solicitor and why in licensing and regulatory?

My career evolved so as to include both licensing and regulatory, starting out having practiced in general criminal law. I decided to specialise in these areas as I find them very interesting. I enjoy getting to know a client, understanding the way they operate, and helping them to navigate their way through all of the red tape and regulation that exits in this sector.

What is regulatory law?

Regulatory law includes a wide spectrum of areas, but can be summed up as compliance with regulations which affect the running and operation of a business. These include things such as Health & Safety regulations, Fire Safety regulations, Food Safety and Hygiene requirements etc. It’s a bit of a catch all, but generally if there is a risk of enforcement or prosecution resulting from a breach or omission to carry something out, it falls under regulatory.


Which one excites you more, and why?

In my opinion regulatory – there is so much variety within this area that you never know what is about to land on your desk. There are a variety of factors that change the way a regulator will investigate and subsequently deal with an investigation, a lot of which we can influence. Operators are usually in desperate need of guidance and advice, so I feel like we make a difference more when were instructed in this area of law.

What made you join Poppleston Allen?

The firm acts for some of the leading pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels in the market. I knew therefore that I would be involved in some very interesting and challenging work, and knew that there would be a variety in the work that would flow from this client base. The firm has a leading reputation which I want to aid in continuing in the future.

What advice would you give to a start up with regards regulatory law?

Get it right from day one! It means you are less likely to end up on the wrong side of regulators further down the line. Don’t cut corners to save money. Cutting costs on regulatory compliance is a one way ticket to a prosecution further down the line.

With your regulatory hat on, what are the most common mistakes new enterprises make and how can they avoid them? Failing to appreciate the importance of regulatory compliance. I understand that things such as concept, fit out, staffing, menu’s, etc are all far more glamorous and exciting than dealing with risk assessments and drafting policies and procedures. But the cost of getting this wrong is so high, from injuries, to deaths, to significant financial penalties in the Courts, applying yourselves to these things also can prevent a more serious and costly problem in the future.

POPPLESTON ALLEN  37 Stoney Street, Lace Market, Nottingham NG1 1LS.  tel. 0115 953 8500


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